Welcome to the Computer Video Game of Larn

Welcome to the Game of Larn

Larn is a Roguelike dungeon adventure game similar in concept to Hack, Rogue, or Moria, but with a different feel and winning criteria.

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This is an obsessively faithful browser-based version of Larn, available to play for free online in your browser. It includes a few small fixes, a global scoreboard, and minor updates to balance the game at higher difficulties, bumping the version number to 12.4.5. I hope you enjoy this version of Larn.

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The History of Larn

Noah Morgan originally created LARN 12.0 and released the UNIX version to the USENET in 1986. Don Kneller ported the UNIX version to MSDOS (both IBM PCs and DEC Rainbows), and Edmund Burnette ported it to the Amiga platform.

Other contributors from this era include:

Someone made 12.4 through 12.4.2, possibly copx according to RogueBasin. Edwin Denicholas took 12.4 alpha 2 and caressed it into 12.4.3 for Win32. Version 12.4.4 includes a bugfix from Joe Neff.

Gibbon appears to be the official maintainer of Larn at this time.

Larn Source Code and Binaries

Version Source Binary
12.0 Larn 12.0 source Larn 12.0 binary
12.2.4 Larn 12.2.4 source -
12.3.0 Larn 12.3.0 source Larn 12.3.0 binary
12.4.4 Larn 12.4.4 source Larn 12.4.4 binary
12.0b (Amiga) - Larn 12.0b Amiga .adf

Other Version of Larn

There are several other variants of Larn on the web. Here are a few I'm aware of:


I can be reached at eye Larn At larn.org

I have been playing and learning about Larn for over 30 years. If you know about any Larn resources I may have missed, please pass them along.

The source code for this project is available here and contributions are sincerely welcome. If you don't know how to code, I'd still love to hear from you.